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Abuse of privilege of the week

Your thin privilege makes Lucy feel like a shit feminist. Which is unfair!

Bonus points for no actual evidence being offered to back up the point except that, er, some people disagreed with her on Facebook. Which is clearly equivalent in oppressiveness to the whole bloody history of racism or whatever. Does a thick body have to come with such thin skin?

Update: As pointed out in the comments, the author has deleted the offending page. Which is more sensible, I suppose, than having written it in the first place; but less sensible than honestly admitting that you were confusing your personal fragility with a political issue, and thus resolving to wean yourself off the self-perpetuating slave morality.

Which is all over the latest torrent of verbal diarrhoea on the same blog. Learning from mistakes is an expression of skinny patriarchal privilege!

Update update:¬†well, she went and deleted the whole blog. I thought my little crusade against this kind of bullshit would be harder than this. I will simply note that, where once there was a blog post urging me to check my skinny privilege, there is now merely a message from WordPress: “sorry, you are looking for something that isn’t there”. In so many ways…