My name is Paul Demarty. (OK, it’s not really.) I am a preternaturally curmudgeonly leftist, a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and a regular writer for the Weekly Worker, in which capacity I have variously been accused of being an anti-Communist, a liberal, a Kautskyite, a Trotskyite, a vile misogynist and the “Marxist Melanie Phillips” – “some of which,” as Hitchens once quipped, “was unfair.” This is the home for all the diatribes, trolling and assorted guff that will not make it through the Weekly Worker’s stringent editorial process. Bookmark if you dare.

The title trigger warning, as far as these things go, refers to my main motivation in actually setting the damn thing up (which is another way of saying, the thing that pisses me off most of all these days): the ascendancy of, and the contamination of the far left by, particular shrieky, obnoxious and intolerant forms of identity politics. Expect screeds of unremitting hostility towards those r-r-r-revolutionaries attempting to incorporate ‘rape culture’ theory into Marxism, sweepstakes on how long ‘intersectionality’ will last as the spangly new fad name for a geriatric political stupidity, and sneering at what the cabals of shrieking privilege baiters get up to in their own backyard (which is to say, Twitter).

Also, technology, music, snooker and whatever.

Comment thread rules: no trolling, no vapid irrationalism. Within those rules, swearing and personal abuse are encouraged, so long as it’s funny.

Disclaimer: though I am a CPGB member, the nonsense that appears here should not be confused with the actual political line of the organisation.


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